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First Avenues

First Aves 2010 logo-colorFirst Avenues: Housing Solutions for Families is a nationally recognized housing program that serves homeless families and families most at risk of becoming homeless. First Avenues’ primary focus is to return families to independent living and to assist families and individuals to maintain their housing.

Since 2005, First Avenues has prevented more than 400 family evictions and more than 200 single adult evictions, assisted at least 525 families secure housing with move-in assistance, and helped nearly 400 families transition from the crisis of homelessness to the stability of housing with medium-term rental subsidies. One year after the end of First Avenues’ services 97% of eviction prevention clients, 95% of move-in assistance clients, and 85% of rental subsidy clients remain stably housed.

We provide financial funding to qualified applicants in the following areas:

Move-In Assistance: a grant towards security deposit and/or first month’s rent

First Avenues can help offset move-in costs for homeless families entering housing with grants for security deposit or first month’s rent. Call a First Avenues Homelessness Prevention Case Manager at (415) 614-9060, ext. 113 for more information.

Rental Subsidies: a monthly grant towards rent for 12-24 months

Open enrollment periods vary, to apply, please call a First Avenues Homelessness Prevention Case Manager at (415) 614-9060, ext. 102.

Eviction Prevention: a grant towards back rent

First Avenues can provide financial assistance to prevent evictions for families in San Francisco and single adults living in SROs or Permanent Supportive Housing who have experienced a temporary loss of income. To qualify, applicants must have a legal lease in their name and provide a current notice to quit or pay rent. To apply, please call a First Avenues Homelessness Prevention Case Manger at (415) 614-9060, ext. 105

All families receiving financial assistance also receive intensive case management services to support families to stabilize in their homes, and build social connections.

Patricia: A Family Success Story

Patricia came to the First Avenues program 18 months ago after staying at Dream House, a transitional housing program for survivors of domestic violence. During her time at Dream House, Patricia was very motivated to find stable housing for her and her family and used the Rental Subsidy and Move-In Assistance programs to find and move into an apartment in San Francisco. Although Patricia considered finding housing for her family a tremendous accomplishment, she knew she would need to increase her income to be able to maintain her housing after the subsidy ended. Patricia then made the decision to enroll in the Dental Assistant Program at City College San Francisco. Although the Dental Assistant program was a little tough, Patricia continued to work hard with her teachers and case managers on school work, budgeting, and finding additional resources for her family.

Among her many accomplishments throughout her time in the program, Patricia is very proud to have graduated and found a full time job as a Dental Assistant in a private dental office. As the subsidy came to an end, Patricia decided to move into a less costly unit that she could afford with her new Dental Assistant salary. Patricia and her family now live in a clean, quiet, safe neighborhood in Pacifica near a beach where she can play with her two children.

Although Patricia and her family have been through a lot in the past, they have also made great progress. Patricia attributes the majority of her success to the stability she was able to have while in the First Avenues program.