Every Child Deserves a Home

Emergency & Interim Shelter

HFR family resizeHamilton Family Emergency Centerthe only 24-hour family emergency shelter in San Francisco – provides newly homeless families access to overnight or 60-day shelter beds, a full continuum of safety net support services, three nutritious meals a day, crisis intervention counseling, and on-site medical services.

Hamilton Family Residencesthe largest family homeless shelter in San Francisco – offers up to six months of shelter while providing comprehensive support services that include employment and life-skills training, credit repair, housing search and placement, individual and group therapy, and financial assistance.

If your family needs emergency shelter, please call (415) 292-5228 at 11:00 am or 5:00 pm.

Family Success Story

Diane is a single mother who not long ago was working as a waitress and living with her 13-year-old daughter Monica in a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. She struggled to make ends meet, often stuck between paying electric bills and buying enough groceries.

No matter how hard she tried, they were always on the edge of becoming homeless. Then it happened: Diane’s work hours were cut, and she and Monica were evicted from their apartment, homeless for the first time in their lives. Diane was concerned for Monica’s’ safety and emotional well-being. She didn’t know where to turn for help at first, but thankfully Hamilton Family Center has been able to help.

Diane and Monica moved into Hamilton Family Emergency Center, our 60-day shelter that provides homeless with a place to sleep, three nutritious meals a day, crisis intervention, on-site medical care, and an educational and recreational program for their children.

From there, Diane and Monica moved to Hamilton Family Residences, our long-term shelter where families can stay for up to six months while receiving comprehensive support services including case management, life skills trainings, employment placement assistance, and help finding permanent housing.

Diane is preparing for the future. She is enrolled at City College of San Francisco and will soon graduate with an Associate Degree in Medical Office Assisting. Diane has also started a savings plan and is looking for a job to use her new skills.

Monica is also doing well. When she and her mom became homeless, Monica’s grades suffered dramatically. She went from straight As at the end of the previous school year to two Ds and an F in the first quarter of this school year. Living at Hamilton Family Residences, Monica participated in Project Potential, our program for children and youth, where she received tutoring and homework support. She made friends easily with the other teens. Her grades are back up and she was recently accepted with a full scholarship to a local private high school!